Something Good Would Come

10 Jan

Ali gave me this for my birthday last year.  It came in a Chase & Sanborn Special Roast coffee canister and it was folded inside layers and layers of light brown massaged construction-type paper. 

I had, in a sense, forgotten all about it (forgotten about the possibility of somehow finding a use for it, anyway) until this morning.

A letter accompanied the gift. 

In the letter, Ali explains that she was excited to find a present for me at her favorite store in Taos.  She found a pair of lovely earrings but opted for this “thing” instead.  It was unusual, but she was compelled to buy it.  Indeed, she was “haunted by the good feeling [she’d] had about it.  That somehow, it would help [me] write.  That if [I] put my pens in it or a few flowers and put it on [my] desk, something good would come.” 

I actually love this thing.  Truly.  It is sweet, in a devious way.  And I can only hope that something good will come.  Tomorrow I will pick up some tiny flowers for it.

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