Love & Light

13 Jan

I am obsessed with Bahgsu Jewels!  But let me back up.  For nearly a year, I had been looking for a long, statement necklace that I could wear with the my increasingly basic wardrobe (side note, I am so so loving The Row – for basics-inspiration anyway; J.Crew has great basics, too at a lower price point; and some of my very favorite basic tanks, tees and long-sleeved shirts are from Target!).  Anyway, I had this image of the necklace I wanted and couldn’t find a thing.

In November, I was home in San Diego and found this amazing gold and silver leaf necklace with tiny beading detail on a long, thin chain.  Just beautiful.  Great for work, going out and wearing with sweats around the house, which is my hobby.  I wore it out of the store and it is without question my favorite thing of the moment.

Recently, I had occasion to be in contact with the designer of the necklace when it needed to be repaired (through no fault of the designer).  Not only did she repair the necklace right away, she sent it back to me in a handmade, soft paper card she bought in Nepal.  So sweet!  Her note said the card can be turned into art – I love that.

OK so I want everything on her website.  It is easy, organic, intricate, beautiful for any style.  And she signs off with “love & light,” which is a lot like her jewelry.  Love love love.   


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