If I Could I Would

5 Feb

Lara Stone looks amazing on the cover of Vogue Paris.  Regal and chic and out there.  The purple and red are so powerful and I love that her hair is the color of her accessories.  I didn’t notice the flower at first.  Lovely. 

(Photo credit: Mario Sorrenti.)

If I could wear this without getting fired, or arrested, or otherwise ridiculed – I totally would.  Hm.  Instead, I went through my closet and made up my own, pretty-much-not-too-psycho weekend version of the look (color palate and tone, anyway).  Cute for going out, maybe?  I so would have worn this when I was at Bard.  Probably with jeans, too.  I learned that from Nicola.   (Slip and bag – Dior; purple body suit and flower – H&M; braided leather belt – Akira; gold and silver leaf necklace – Bahgsu Jewels; grey Oxford boots – Vince Camuto.)


One Response to “If I Could I Would”

  1. Heba February 6, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    For SURE you can wear this for a night out!!! So cute!

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