More Lunch Con’t

12 Feb

Freshii is on the list of the best places to eat lunch in the loop because it is a make your own, almost-impossible-not-to-make-healthy-choices place.  It’s in the Equinox gym so, if nothing else, you feel peer pressured into eating well.

Freshii does offer some menu items, but the thing to do at Freshii is make your own lunch from a list of approximately 100 ingredients.  In step one, you choose your “style” – salad, wrap, bowl or soup.  In step  two, choose from a list of “unlimited” fruit and vegetable toppings (green apples, carrots, corn, black beans, dates, spinach, garbanzo beans, etc.).  In step three, choose from a list of “premium,” toppings (albacore tuna, all natural chicken, grilled tofu, walnuts, avocado, blue cheese, etc.).  In step four, choose your “flavor” – light (cucumber dill, evoo, lemon juice, etc.), balance (balsamic vinaigrette, spicy peanut, teriyaki, etc.) or classic (ranch, bbq, honey dijon, etc.).  Sounds complicated when you – I – put it that way.  But it’s not.I love the chicken soup with brown rice.  I usually add cilantro, garbanzo beans, carrots, bean sprouts, spinach, corn and all natural chicken or tofu.  Cilantro in chicken soup is so good, by the way.  Sara likes to make a random rice bowl that includes pretty much everything on the menu.  And balsamic vinegar.

At the counter, pick up some free whole wheat pita triangles to go with your lunch or a square of chocolate.  Or any number of other (not free) healthful snacks.Freshii is good – not amazing – but the control over what you are eating has value.  It’s a great Friday option.  You leave feeling like you can do whatever you want with the rest of your weekend.  Not sure why you should feel that way but I recommend it.

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