The Book Works Del Mar

18 Feb

Before leaving San Diego, I stopped in one of my favorite bookstores of all time – The Book Works – in Flower Hill in Del Mar.The Book Works is a relatively small store (in fact, they were rearranging things this week in order to create some additional space) but it has an amazing collection of books in all genres.

The books are displayed easily – there is no particular structure to the various book-arrangements – and beautifully along side stone statues, faded old posters, vintage chests and trunks, antique desks, pots, plants and other random things.

I love the Home and Garden section and the collection of beautiful journals and cards.

The Book Works is a lot like your favorite eccentric person’s home.  It’s also a bit like a treasure hunt (which I guess is a different way of saying the same thing).  This time, I found a hanging horse, a little lamb (I think), old brass instruments and an African rug.

The Book Works has featured events almost weekly, including presentations, readings and discussions on various topics.  In the upcoming weeks, events include a discussion of St. Louis and the cultural civil war, put on by The Book Works and the Harvard and Yale clubs of San Diego, and a reading by author Susan Vreeland.  And every Friday night for as long as I can remember The Book Works and Pannikin (coffee shop connected to The Book Works) host live music.  It’s fun.

OK so – enough chit-chat.  Get a white hot chocolate at Pannikin and walk around in The Book Works.  So worth it.


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