Pizza, Obviously – Perfect Weekend Con’t

20 Mar

Kata and Natalie came in town on Friday for a full moon and a perfect Chicago food weekend continued (continued is a noun and not a verb or adjective here).When you have guests in town and you live in Chicago, deep dish pizza is not optional.  On Friday night, when Nat and David landed, we pretty much went straight to Lou Malnati’s.  This is the best deep dish you’ll ever have.  There was a two and a half hour wait when we got there so everyone agrees, clearly.

When there is a two and a half hour wait for deep dish pizza, you wait.  Across the street.  At Frontera Grill.With margaritas.By the time we were called back to Lou Malnati’s, we were starving, obviously, but in a good mood about it.  Thanks, as always, Rick Bayless.

OK – so, what I love about Chicago pizza is that it never lets you down.  Whereas so many things you take guests to are not quite as you remembered, Chicago pizza is perfect every time.  The deep dish crust is buttery and rich and Lou Malnati’s crust has a cornmeal element to it that makes it more like cornbread than pizza crust.  It’s ridiculous.  For some reason the cheese tastes especially good, too.  Maybe because there is a lot of it.

We did a veggie pizza and some kind of meat delight.  (When we asked the waitress if she could guess which pizza was for the girls and which was for the boys, she said, “well, like, I took your order so, like . . . .”  Nice.  So she’s not sexist, among other things, apparently.)Chicago pizza is an appetizer, meal and dessert in one.  It makes the best leftovers, too.  And it arguably challenges New York pizza.  David Africa said so.  And he’s a New Yorker (via South Africa, anyway).That was Friday.  I can’t even begin to explain Saturday.  Though I’m sure I’ll try.

One Response to “Pizza, Obviously – Perfect Weekend Con’t”

  1. Lou Malnati's March 22, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    Sounds like you had a great time visiting with us! Hope your guests enjoyed the rest of their stay!

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