What The Other Kids At School Are Wearing – Clever Bargain Shopping Edition

1 Apr

Who: Heba

What: Attorney; Professor; CPA

Where: Chicago

Style, in a word: Designer-sensible

Style Inspiration: So first, I have to give a shout out to my cousins because they have the fashion eye in our family and have most definitely found a lot of the fun stuff featured here.  I view myself as a hybrid of style.  I am a tomboy at heart and so comfort is always my first priority. My second priority is to not have two separate wardrobes: one for work and one for everything else.  That being said, I love following high fashion but refuse to pay high fashion prices, so I always buy on sale!  Because of that I am not tied to a particular store, but more a particular style (i.e., stylish but not so over the edge that I can only wear for a season) and I did not pay full price for any item I am wearing in this week’s blog post.  And I LOVE to talk about how that works!
Monday: My top/sweater/coat was a find by my cousin Mariam (thanks cuz!).  She found it at Anthropologie for 50% off. She is even more of an expert at sales than I am . . . she can have Bloomies paying HER by the end of the day! I love the leather bands and buckles on each of the sleeves.  My jeans are James Jeans and I bought them for 50 bucks on Gilt Groupe.  I am OBSESSED with the daily steal websites. I figured out my sizes a long time ago and am pretty much ready to order at 10:00 a.m. when the boutiques open!  One bit of advice: know your size on these websites since most of them do not return for cash and you only get credit at best. My boots? Okay, I did pay full price for them . . . 40 bucks at Target. Thanks again cuz!!!
Tuesday: This entire outfit (minus the undershirt which was 12 dollars at Nordstrom’s) is from the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s!  The purple blouse, the leggings with studding on the side, and the ankle boots with fun zippers.  I was so excited when I got these.  The entire outfit cost under $100!
Wednesday: Okay I cannot take credit for the cardigan. It isn’t mine (thanks again cuz!).  The white shirt with beading is Rachel Roy and I bought it at Macy’s during their sale for about $25. The skirt was on sale for 50% off at Anthropologie (in that scary sales room in the downtown location that you practically have to do the army crawl to get through).  The boots are Michael Kors but I got them for about 75% off at Bloomingdale’s.  They were on sale and then I applied my Friends & Family discount and got an additional 20% off!  I love them because when I don’t feel like wearing tights (most of my life), they are tall enough that they cover my legs and you can barely tell.
Thursday: My top and necklace were purchased at Forever 21. Or, as I like to call it, Forever 33 (or whatever age I happen to be at the time).  The skirt is an origami Michael Kors.  This was originally way out of my price range but thanks again to Gilt Groupe, I bought it for about one-tenth of the price. God bless Gilt Groupe.  The boots were purchased at Bloomingdale’s during yet another sale.  I was about 7 months pregnant when I found them and knew I was not wearing 6 inch heels any time soon, but I just loved the leather straps all over them and figured I would save them for this season.
Friday: Friday’s dress is great if you have a work party after work (holiday or whatever it may be).  I loved the Mad Men-style McGinn dress and even more that it was on sale for 65 bucks.  And the purse is a L.A.M.B. that I bought for about 50% off at Nordstrom Rack, another place dear to my heart.
Editor’s Note: Heba’s skill is not only in finding these amazing deals (seriously, what?) – but also looking amazing in clothing that didn’t cost anywhere near as much as what you would think.  Heba has great instincts about how to put clothes together and she has an easy style – she can pull off even simple looks and make them look artful and creative.  Heba (with the help of her cute cousins!) is totally sensible high fashion.  I love it.
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*If you want to be featured in this series, send an email to professionalchicks@gmail.com with What the Other Kids at School Are Wearing in the subject line and I will send you instructions!

2 Responses to “What The Other Kids At School Are Wearing – Clever Bargain Shopping Edition”

  1. Fabianne April 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    I love it! Your bargain hunting is amazing (and hilarious)!

    • Fabianne April 1, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

      *When I say hilarious, I mean to say that I am super impressed! I think it’s awesome. I lack that skill big-time!

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