What The Other Kids At School Are Wearing – Hot Mama Edition

15 May

Who: Torey

What: Stay-at-home-mom, accounting work part-time from home

Where: San Francisco

Style, in a word: California casual, simple yet fun

Style inspiration:

As a new mom, I’m trying to keep things as simple and comfortable as possible while still having fun with fashion.  I have always lived in California where the mild climate and laid back atmosphere lend themselves to fashion that isn’t too fussy and can be a little playful.  I do love clothes, though, and don’t mind mixing unexpected pieces together.  Key pieces for me are ballet flats, good jeans, a necklace or two that can add spark to an ensemble and bright colors.  I’ve always found Carrie’s style in SATC truly inspiring and fanciful (minus a few outfits, like when she pretty much wore boy-cut underwear and heels, running down the streets of New York).  Me, I am fine taking Carrie’s style and turning it down a few–okay many–notches and having fun with my little baby boy.    🙂


We had a family get-together for Mother’s day and I wore a Banana Republic skirt and cardigan, Enzo Angiolini wedges (my new favorite shoes, thanks mom!) and a white jade pendant (another gift from mom!).  I like how the different shades of neutral can all go together.


I think I only have one maxi dress, but I would like to own 50.  They are so comfortable and feel so pretty when you’re walking (they are also great for maternity).  This is a tie-dye Splendid one I got on Hautelook.com.  The sweater is also Splendid and it wouldn’t hurt me to own 50 of these either.  I bought this silver necklace from a street vendor in downtown San Francisco.  It reminds me of a beach vacation.


For a play date in the park with my moms group, I wore what I believe is supposed to be a bathing suit cover up (oh well) over a camisole and American Apparel leggings.  I think the leggings are actually what some might call jeggings.  Disclaimer: I did not realize I was purchasing jeggings at the time, nor that these super-cool leggings that look like jeans would adopt the term jeggings.  I am surely violating some rule on this guide, but a sunny day in the park with babies and mamas beckoned me and I was not going to be fashion-conscious.  I also have my grey Vans, Timi & Leslie diaper bag (love it!) and my little Maddox (love love love to infinity!).


I kept it easy and simple with this red tie top–another gift from my mom–and capri Seven jeans.  For me, the top’s bright red color and tie mean that any other accessories would be overkill.  I’ve found that these Sam Edelman gold and black pattern ballet flats match nothing, so they go with everything.


This is the day I have my weekly check-in conference call for work, so I like to get in the zone by wearing something close to business-professional.  I have the “casual Friday” thing going on (it happens to be my least casual outfit of the week!) with a cuffed crisp white shirt, braided belt, my favorite Citizens of Humanity jeans and Marc by Marc Jacobs brown leather ballet flats.

Editor’s Note: Torey is drop dead gorgeous.  She is the quintessential California girl with a little bit of old world Hollywood glamor mixed in.  And, as a new mom to sweet baby Maddox, Torey looks beyond amazing.  Her easy, sweet disposition is reflected in her equally effortless wardrobe.  She is put together and chic, but not overdone at all.  And there is definitely a toned-down homage to Carrie – in the subtle mixing and matching of patterns and colors and the perfect shoes, belts and other accessories.  Torey’s style is both easy-living ready and magazine-worthy.  Happy Birthday to Torey today, as well!  Love love love.

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One Response to “What The Other Kids At School Are Wearing – Hot Mama Edition”

  1. Arianne May 16, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    Torey, all of your outfits are adorable! Can you please be my personal stylist? Super cute 🙂

    P.S. Your son is such a cutie =)

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