Welcome LACMA

20 Jun

This month, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is hosting the Tim Burton exhibit.  And Tim Burton is a big draw. Alongside these gorgeous antique lampposts there was a fairly long line to get into the exhibit. 

The exhibit is as whimsical and strange as you would expect.  Random samplings of Tim Burton’s dark fantasies and impossible creatures are all around you – everything from larger-than-life black and white paper-mache monsters to friendly metallic robot sculptures to nonsensical animation shorts to images of predatory clowns and spiders and quirky dogs to spinning fluorescent mobiles and fluorescent images in an otherwise entirely dark room.  For me, these works reflect how clever he is.  He is inspired by rather cliché or ordinary things (monsters and spiders and Halloween and other things that frighten children) but from these he has made something entirely his own.  He has an incredible mind, I think.  The collection is surprisingly massive for someone who made a career out of directing films more so than making art.

If you love Tim Burton movies this exhibit is brilliant.  Most of his art work centers on – or otherwise foreshadows or pays homage to – characters that eventually became Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, Zero, Betelgeuse, the Red Queen, and so on.  The early process is so interesting, too – it is a glimpse into how those characters and stories developed.

There were no pictures allowed in the exhibit but, so you get an idea, here’s the entranceand here’s the exit.  These lanky guys were dancing all around to music.Tim Burton is at LACMA until October.  Very much worth seeing.

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