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31 Jul

Ali went to a wedding recently where they served these precious little Japanese desserts.

I love the colors – and the bamboo serving platters.  Gorgeous.

After, Ali asked the groom about the desserts.  (I should say, he is not an ordinary groom.  I have known him (not personally, but through Ali) for years now, and this informed, cheeky response is fully expected.)

“The desserts are called wagashis.  They generally have anko (red bean paste) inside but some had different fillings (e.g. white bean paste).  They’re traditionally served at weddings as well as other festive occasions.  When served at weddings the
anko is supposed to be ground smooth, so that the couple will have a “smooth” time of it, an untroubled marriage.  But Aya and I didn’t heed this tradition and took the rough road.  That’s us, always against the grain.”


Scarf Stalker

30 Jul

Someone at the Chicago Poetry Foundation is stalking me.I guess I’ll have to get a new hobby.  Stamp-making?

Cirque Shanghai Extreme

29 Jul

I have this running joke with myself that Abe is trying to kill me.  This is most recently evidenced by the seats he chose at Cirque Shanghai Extreme – where a little man was dangling, and then performing extreme acrobatics, right above my head.There are lots of other examples of attempted murder (scooter ride to Wisconsin comes to mind).  I won’t get into them.

In any event, other than that, it was just another Thursday night with a dragon,a man with a spinning cube,some men on a ladder,some men flying through hoops,some ladies balancing on each other,and lots of people at a time riding motorcycles in a circular metal balloon (well, two people in this picture, but others joined later).

Water – Part II

28 Jul

Water – Part I was fun – we should do another one.

Sparkling Water With Fresh Strawberries And Basil

Add 1/3 cup of diced fresh strawberries and 2 tablespoons of chopped basil to a glass.Add a handful of ice and sparkling water.Crisp and refreshing.  The strawberry-basil is light but has a soda-like quality (in a good way) – it’s certainly enough that the water is now interesting instead of boring.  Like the almond water, the fruit and herbs promote rejuvenation (if not in fact, then in your mind, which is the same thing).

Happens To Everyone

27 Jul

The missed high five.  And it’s hilarious every time for some reason.

For example, an associate I used to work with gave one of our managing partners a high five in the office kitchen when she misunderstood his hand gesture as he reached for something on a high shelf.  So so funny.

This is a derivative but hysterical anyway: a law school friend of mine was in the elevator with one of our professors.  When the door opened the professor gestured with his right arm in the air as if to say “after you,” but my friend thought that he opened his arms for a hug and went for it.  Full embrace in the elevator.  I mean, how funny is that?

Here are a few hilarious ones – and more if you click on this link (I have no idea what got me thinking about this tonight):

I cannot stop laughing.

Bon Iver

26 Jul

“Bon hiver” (pronounced “bone ee-ver”) means “good winter” in French.  Bon Iver is an Indy band started by front man Justin Vernon.  The name Bon Iver derives from the French “bon hiver,” but is spelled differently because, according to Wikipedia, Vernon was watching Northern Exposure, heard the characters say “bon hiver” to one another when they went out in the snow, understood it to be “boniverre,” named his band this, and later learned the proper spelling but rejected it because the word “hiver” reminded him too much of the word “liver.”  So he settled on Bon Iver but pronounces it “bon hiver.”  Hm.

That (wordy) anecdote aside, his music is beautiful.  Gorgeous, actually, sound after sound.  The concert was sweet, melodic, true to expectations of what Bon Iver-live might sound like and beyond.  Vernon is demure – he is unassuming and humble, too.  On top of all this, the concert was one of the most beautifully lit shows I have ever seen.  Light streamed down from the top of the Chicago Theater in breathtaking ways.  My iPhone camera does it no justice at all.Lovely Bon Iver.

The Rosebuds (opening act and close friends of his, from what I understood) were nice, too.  They had a similar, quite sound.  Less in the way of substance than Bon Iver but the lullaby quality was not unlike some Bon Iver music.  She wore a cute party dress, too (can’t see it here, tho).

Half Way There

25 Jul

When we reached 100 posts, I explained the origin of Professional Chicks and the plan going forward.  Now we’re at the half-way point (just over 182.5 posts).  Thought I’d mention it.

Here’s a painting I like.  Malevich’s White on White.  An art history teacher of mine told me that when she saw this in person, several people around her were in tears (it reminded me of when I saw the David – many people crying there, too).  Bye.

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