Happy Mexican Independence Day!

16 Sep

[By: Guest Blogger of the Weekend II.  Prior post: these touching thoughts and musings about Israel.]

In honor of the national independence of our culinary-genius neighbors to the south, I would like to treat you all to the fresh sound of Mariachi El Bronx.  My wildly talented long-time friend and birthday twin, Ray Suen, is the violinist for this innovative band that presents Mariachi music with a pleasant, catchy twist while staying true to a seemingly authentic mariachi style.  (I say seemingly because what do I know about authentic mariachi music beyond what I’ve heard in Old Town, San Diego?)  Social scientists would call it indigenization: adapting beliefs, customs, music, etc. to local ways.  However you describe it, Mariachi el Bronx is rockin.  I love it!  And you will too. Have a listen.

One Response to “Happy Mexican Independence Day!”

  1. Diz September 17, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    I can’t believe they were on Jay Leno! That’s awesome! Thanks for the Mexican Independence Day treat, Fabi!

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