2 Oct

The subject of self-care has come up a lot in my personal and professional life recently.  Self care is in the eye of the beholder, but, at bottom, encompasses any efforts outside of your ordinary life that are meant solely to make you happier, healthier, stronger – in other words, efforts that are meant to take care of you.

A colleague of mine, lawyer-turned-therapist, encourages physical, emotional, professional, and spiritual self-care.  This includes everything from taking walks around the office daily to eating without your handheld device nearby to taking on meaningful projects at work to joining a group or network of people who enjoy the same activities that you do, among other things.  Like anything else, in order to keep up a self-care routine, it must be easy, accessible, enjoyable (kickboxing at 5 am is technically self-care, but it doesn’t count if you only do it once, you know?). 

My sister and brother-in-law recently launched Imbue, a pain relief patch that is, by definition, a self-care mechanism.  The Imbue pain patch is an all-natural adhesive patch that allows you to self-manage pain.  Apply the patch to any area that is causing you pain or discomfort and feel the soothing cool and hot sensation of the menthol patch work instantly.  You can’t help but feel that you are doing a small something for yourself by using the patch – and this goes a long way, even beyond the specific injury you are treating.

If you are uncertain of the origin of your pain, or where to apply the patch, spend some time with this clever, interactive pain expert.  Just hover over the area where you are experiencing pain, and a red trigger point will take you on to a more detailed discussion of the possible origins of the pain and ways to effectively apply the patch to that pain.  Read testimonials from customers who are raving about the patch here.

The Imbue pain relief patch is reasonably priced and can be ordered online.  Order a package of 4 large patches and cut them up in various ways so you can treat multiple injuries at once.

Do one thing a day that counts as self-care.  Imbue is an easy one, for a big return.

(Professional Chicks incorporates by reference any and all medical disclaimers from the Imbue pain relief patch website!)

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