15 Oct

[By: Guest Blogger Torey  in San Francisco]

Okay, this one is a little out there and terribly random.  I have noticed certain people wearing a whole lot of purple–multiple pieces of clothing and accessories in different shades of purple purposefully put together by the wearer.  It is not a trend from the fashion industry, nor is it the case of an outfit originally intended to be that way from the clothing designer.  All this commitment to wearing purple intrigues me….

Purple on a work day

This does not occur with other colors (with the exception of black and white, which do not count) and once I began noticing purple people, it became one of those things that I started seeing more and more frequently, like when a certain kind of car is brought to your consciousness and then all of a sudden you see it everywhere.  So, I began to take snapshots of these purple outfits (thank you, iPhone camera) when I could quickly snag my phone from my purse and be discreet about it.  There were many fabulous purple peeps that I missed, like a woman in ALL purple, including her hair and knee socks!

I then came up with criteria for being a purple person: one must wear at least two purple dominant articles of clothing, and the they must not have originally been meant to compose an outfit, for example a purple business suit would not qualify.  Bonus points for cool purple accessories like glasses or a hat, a bike, or even purple-dyed hair (sigh…the one that got away!)

I did capture a few women that clearly and an unmistakable passion for purple.  For example, these purple gloves

belong to the woman below… and yes that is purple lipstick.

Nails are also purple. My favorite!

This walker below donned all-over purple

Everything she is wearing, including socks, is purple

while the lady below mixed in some pink while keeping purple dominant

So, what is this purple-dressing phenomenon?  I admit I have been too chicken to ask my unknowing iPhone camera subjects about their purple-ification, so to Wikipedia I go.

Here are some fun facts:

  • Purple is associated with royal nobility because in ancient times purple dye (derived from the mucus secreted from a snail!) was something only the elites could afford.
  • The Purple Frog was only just discovered in India in 2003.
  • There exists a small bird called a Purple Honeycreeper.
  • In Japan purple is the color of death.
  • There are many shades of purple.  Included are phlox (fluorescent purple, like in psychedelic black light), thistle (pale purple) and heliotrope (a brilliant tone of pink-purple).

So, have you seen purple people?  Do you know a purple person?  Are you a purple person?  Do share.

It works on houses too!


2 Responses to “Purple”

  1. Elle October 16, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    This was super cute. I will be on the lookout for purple people in Chicago.

  2. fahbeeyawn October 18, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    My co-worker showed up today with a purple top! I love it!

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