Paloma Picasso

4 Nov

Paloma Picasso is next on this list.  Like the other entries, I chose her at random.  She came to mind as I was compiling it.  It could have just as easily been Frank Gehry (as jewelry designers go, he is one of my favorites, though he is better known for other types of work, of course). [Painting Credit: Evelin Lang]

Anyway, I love so many things about Paloma Picasso.  The obvious: she is the youngest daughter of painter Pablo Picasso; her mother is writer Francoise Gilot.  She is a brilliant artist (jewelry designer) and business woman in her own right.  And she is stunningly beautiful, too.

Her work for Tiffany’s (Tiffany’s has carried a Paloma Picasso line for many years) is lovely – delicate and profound at once.  There are Spanish influences (tiny Pierrot-style masks; delicate genie lamps with flamenco red jewels) and literal influences (outlines of doves (Paloma means “dove” in Spanish); red lipstick charms (Paloma has worn the same red lipstick daily since she was 17)).

There is a lot of geometry in her work – conjoined circles and homage-to-Marrakesh geometric patterns.  She is great with stones, too.  Tiny dots of jewels are a staple in the collection.  It’s all quite gorgeous (though I do not care for the signature hearts and xo’s).

It is a dream, I imagine, to genuinely make art but in a commercial, proper business way.


One Response to “Paloma Picasso”

  1. mao November 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    OMG…she reminds me of lots of calla lillies ( as her husband painted them ) I can deal with calla lillies any longer…( last wedding memories! )
    She was however an interesting woman in many ways!

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