Graham Elliot, Part II – Poetry Edition

16 Nov

I used to keep Alinea’s first anniversary menu in a frame on a coffee table.  When Torey visited me, she asked if the menu was a poem.  I love that.  And it was, in a way.

Sunday night, we ate at Graham Elliot.  The last time we were there, we didn’t say much about the experience.  This time, without question, the food delivered on the expectation of the menu poetry that came before.

Highlights for me: tiny dab of sweet goat butter on the persimmon bread; trio of soft mochi filled with fig, honeycomb, chestnut, and balsamic delights!; a warm pumpkin soup with pepito (roasted pumpkin seed), dried cranberries, and other fall/winter goodies; a rich mushroom and lobster risotto; a clever mushroom tea to accompany sweet, crisp, and soft scallops; and a chocolate mousse of sorts with a crispy chocolate cookie, smooth coconut ice cream, and sweet panna cotta pudding squares.

This is the Graham Elliot everyone is raving about (congratulations, Chef, for the Michelin recognition!).  So pleased to have dined with you.

bread – persimmon . chevre . rooibos . mandarin

amuse – dill . roe . custard .  pickle

crab – celery . nasturtium . pomegranate . verjus

mochi – fig . honeycomb . chestnut . balsamic

pumpkin – crust . pepito . cinnamon . marshmallow

lobster – risotto . mushroom . urchin . samphire

canape – eggplant . caponata . porcini . guanciale

swordfish – chorizo . paella . saffron . fennel

scallop – popover . clam . parsley . salsify

hen – maple . matsutake . kale . pine

wagyu – marrow . egg . potato . watercress

intermezzo – apple . cider . hot . toddy

bitters – citrus . spice . gentian . anise

chocolate – caribe . ivoire . nib . coconutBest . poem . ever.

2 Responses to “Graham Elliot, Part II – Poetry Edition”

  1. torcat November 17, 2011 at 1:58 am #

    I totally remember reading that menu and thinking it was a poem! It was the first time I had come across that style of writing a menu: simple, no flowery writing, elegant. It really sounds like an amazing place, as it did back then. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. arianne1220 November 17, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    Everything looks awesome. Looks like a great experience.

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