Grilled Cheese Four Ways – Part IV

10 Dec

Of all of the entries in the bi-annual Thanksgiving weekend grilled cheese competition, Shannon’s was by far the judge and crowd favorite.  It was the perfect blend of gimmick, creative spirit, and cheese pizza delight.  As one judge commented, this sandwich, titled The Leaning Tower of Cheese-a (see below), was simply the perfect grilled cheese.

Shannon’s Grilled Cheese


Sourdough bread,


Shredded mozzarella,

Pizza sauce, and

Mini pepperoni (regular sized pepperoni cut in quarters will work, too).


Make a grilled cheese, as we have done several times now.  Shannon suggests that you melt the cheese on both sides of the bread (place the sandwich open-faced in a skillet) and add the sauce over the cheese so the bread does not get soggy.  Sprinkle pepperoni generously throughout.For the presentation, place a long skewer into a block of semi-hard cheese.  Cut your sandwich in quarters and string it up the skewer.  Tape an Italian flag to the top of the skewer.  Brilliant.

Trophy earned.  (Cutest cousin ever, by the way!)

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