Holiday Eating Continued

26 Dec

This year, Christmas Eve dinner was beyond.  Our tradition is to do a tribute to the Italian Seven Fishes dinner – with fewer fish dishes typically.  The menu, in a phrase: dad’s signature martinis followed by a true feast of various local fresh fish and vegetables.

We started with a meaty bite of lobster on potato puree (not pictured – I forgot).  Next was beautiful al dente linguine with mussels and clams in a light red sauce.

Then, grilled shrimp with olive oil and parsley, and Panko-crusted, pan-fried red snapper with lemon. 


Of all the vegetables, my favorite is the chard – dressed in Christmas colors. 

And farmer’s market arugula salad with shaved Parmesan, fennel, and olives.For dessert, Pandoro – an airy vanilla butter cake with powdered sugar – and Ari’s spiced pecans.  Favorite ever.

Merry Christmas (hope you’re eating leftovers today)!

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