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The Week In Review – My Apologies & Other Stories

27 Jan

I’ve missed my blog.  The new, once-a-week posting schedule is going to be difficult.  But good for (my other, real life) business.  Sigh.

So I owe this post an apology.  The coconut spread not only came in handy when we didn’t have any real butter (obviously we did not) and Abe wanted chocolate chip cookies, but it gave the cookies (and batter!) a subtle, delicious hint of coconut.  I bet you didn’t see that coming.

We’ve not done a beet salad in a few months (or maybe weeks, but it feels like a long time).  So here’s a simple one, with porcini olive oil from Baker & Olive and some fresh basil.  

Finally, Steven Tyler was in amazing form the other night.  Ah how I love him.  And TV.  I no longer even feel the need to make this argument in support of good and bad TV.  It’s all therapeutic, for better or worse.  

Are you watching Idol?  Are you compelled to buy coconut spread?  Talk to me people.  xoxo


Out With A Bang – Or Just To Whole Foods

20 Jan

So . . . this is supposed to be the very last post ever here at Professional Chicks!  When I started this blog last January, my intention was to post once a day for a year – or 365 posts.  As of today, for the most part, I accomplished this (with some missed days and with the help of some wonderful guest bloggers).  I absolutely loved keeping this blog.  It has become one of my favorite things to do – and it truly is a complete diversion from my every day, as it was designed to be.  I hope it was for you, as well.

I’ll give you some stats, and my favorite posts, and then tell you what I have resolved about how to keep this blog alive.

We had a total of 32,264 views on the blog!  444 views on our busiest day.  This is not a high comment blog as compared with our daily stats, but still, we have 747 total comments.

My top five favorite posts from the year include (wow this is kind of hard – deep breath): this post on how to make a t-shirt scarf (and I recently found my post floating around on Pinterest!); these posts for homemade lasagna I and II; this post about Alinea; this post about flying out of Great Falls, Montana (mostly because it was Fabi’s favorite post); and this post about the one and only Jeff Buckley.  Please please share your favorite posts of the last year in the comments below.  Even if you have never weighed in on this blog before, please feel free to chime in – it would mean so much to me to hear from you.

OK – finally, after talking this out with some of you, and due to having a number of new subscribers in the last few months, I have decided to continue posting, only now the posts will come once a week.  I will post once a week for 52 weeks, beginning next week.

I hope this is a decent compromise and that you continue to read and comment and hang out with me weekly!  Thanks so much for all of your support in the last year.  See you next week!  And, in the meantime, I’m headed out into this storm for Whole Foods – my favorite Friday hangoutxoxo,


“Hello” & “I Love L.A.”

19 Jan

Lionel Richie gets a little help from his Hollywood friends in this video montage of “Hello.”  Awesome.

Speaking of Hollywood (and classic songs, actually), in the event you haven’t seen this train wreck, apparently Kris Kardashian was making her own work before RSP picked her up for the 18,000 shows in the Kardashian brand.  We all have bones in our closet, I guess.

He’s Back!

18 Jan

I seriously cannot believe American Idol is on again – and that we can revisit these posts featuring Steven Tyler!  Reminds me of the 365-day course of this blog, too.  We’re on post 362 . . . .

Anyway, happiest day ever now that the crazy fashionista that is ST is back in my life!  Here’s something else I just discovered that makes me equally happy: Culinary Circle multigrain stone-baked pizza crust.  While homemade pizza crust is ideal, it is not always realistic.  And honestly, this is a comparable (if not better – depends on your pizza crust, I guess) option.  Great option when you are short on time, too.

The multi-grain crust is hearty and satisfying.  It holds ingredients – including fresh mozzarella, which can sometimes cause pizza crust to get a little soggy – well, too.  Tonight, we did a simple pizza with tomato sauce (this traditional sauce reduced to the thickness of pizza sauce), fresh mozzarella, and sauteed baby zucchini.  

Simple, easy, and delicious!

Do you use Culinary Circle products?  Am I last to know about these?

For dessert, Ari sent me a text of this donut.  Peanut butter, chocolate, and Rice Krispies.  Do these actually exist?  I am dying.

The David

17 Jan

The last of these art related posts.  I didn’t have a plan exactly, as I was writing.  I still don’t.  But these were fun to think about – and write out.

In Italy, where my mother was born and raised, when I was in my teens, we went to see the David.  My mom cried at the powerful, white image.  All the way to Florence and in all the stories I had heard, before I turned my head to look, I didn’t even consider that that was an option.


16 Jan

After her atrocious performance on SNL, I am revoking this endorsement of Lana Del Rey.  Instead, here is some new music from Fabi!

Love!  Let her know what you think in the comments!  And head over to YouTube and “like” this (and all her other songs, too)!

Sunday Post – Tasting Guilt Edition

15 Jan

Abe and I are alike in a lot of ways – and nothing alike in many others ways.  However, we are exactly alike in one detrimental way: when we go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (anywhere they give out samples, really), we feel 100% obligated to buy any items that we’ve sampled.  As if the person handing out the samples cares.  It’s called tasting guilt.

Today we went to Whole Foods to get brunch items.  We walked by a woman giving samples of coconut spread on a cracker.  I made eye contact with her – big mistake – so then I felt like I had to taste what she was offering.  And buy it, of course.  Here’s the thing – she wasn’t even selling anything.  We had to go elsewhere to actually find the spread.  And for some reason we did.

Coconut spread is like butter (which I rarely use) only it’s made from coconut oil.  It’s dairy and soy free.  It’s not sweet (though I expected it to be).  It’s neutral, with a subtle coconut taste.  This is all fine and well.  Great, even.  But, in a place like Whole Foods where you already buy things you don’t need, the last thing we needed was a tub of coconut spread.  Still somehow, here we are.

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