Ten Artists, Con’t – Jeff Buckley Edition

7 Jan

As this 365-days in a row of blogging project comes to an end, I haven’t forgotten about the various outstanding posts I promised.  Of these ten posts, we have done 8.  Two remain – Jeff Buckley and the David.  Here it goes:

The first time I heard Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, I was sixteen maybe, and at home, with Natalie and Todd and Brian.  I know Natalie remembers.  We both sat on the carpet and just listened.  Life started then for me, not because of Buckley alone, but, in part, certainly.  There was so much possibility.

And Grace played the night we stayed out late, on our backs on the trampoline.  I asked him if he believe in god – that was a phase, the asking – and he said Grace was his favorite album, so . . . .  And left it at that.

Brian truly loved Jeff Buckley.  He sat on a haystack in the parking lot of Lou’s Records in Encinitas where Buckley played an impromptu show before anyone knew of him.  That was Brian’s I-love-Jeff-Buckley-the-most trump card.  He saw him first and he earned it.  (When Buckley died, Brian painted his nails black in his honor.  Something Buckley used to do.  Everyone thought it was weird.  I liked it.)

I remember being in the backroom of the craftsman house.  Brendan was at Carnegie Mellon then, I think.  He left us a message and at the end included a couple of seconds off of the new album, Songs for my Sweetheart the Drunk.  I listened to that album in my car every day for months after that.  One morning before school, just a few weeks before we graduated, Steve and I sat and listened to track 11 – I can’t think of what song that is at the moment – over and over again.  Steve had no idea – we had no idea – what was coming next.  Wish we did.

At my wedding, I asked the band to learn the Buckley version of Hallelujah.  On the first chord, somewhere in the middle of that whirlwind, beautiful evening, I turned to find Natalie.  And, at the same time, she turned to find me.

[Video Credit: liveoverall]

One Response to “Ten Artists, Con’t – Jeff Buckley Edition”

  1. torcat January 8, 2012 at 1:10 am #

    Beautiful Des

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