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In Case You Were Wondering . . . .

29 Apr

This is what happened to our Aerogarden!


Keep Austin Weird – Part II

26 Apr

On Saturday night, we had a girls’ dinner at Trace restaurant in the W Hotel.  Beforehand, I checked out the bar at the W.  Austin girls definitely got the memo.  Pastel colored jeans and other bright colors are super in for spring. 

(And just before that, we were fewer than 10 yards from Willie Nelson as he was presented with the unveiling of a statue in his honor!  All around me, little babies were wearing these hilarious bandanas with tiny yarn braids coming out of them.  I was dying.  No pictures because my phone was dead.  It only came back to life thanks to the “whatever” desk at the W hotel, where apparently they will do whatever for you, including charge your phone.)

Keep Austin Weird – Part I

25 Apr

I spent a few days in Austin for a conference and another few days with Rachel and Kate checking out this city I have heard so much about.  From what I saw, Austin was certainly part weird, part Texas, both in good ways.  The sum total of the weekend: great food, some wild people, surprisingly high fashion, cowboy boots (high fashion not withstanding), and a slight Southern drawl that I personally found endearing.

For Part I, our weekend in Austin began with two full days of networking at the biggest legal event of the year.  Quinn and I went back and forth on whether to attend, and ultimately made the right decision.  We met so many wonderful people, and learned a lot.  In all, it was good.

Our booth was a popular one, in substance and also because of this clever effort.  Cupcakes from Toot Sweet Cupcakes with our logo on them!  How awesome is this?  Chocolate, Vanilla, and Pumpkin Spice to draw people to our booth (and to keep ourselves happy in the meantime!).  

So fun.

More Austin to come!

Now What?

20 Apr

Lessons in how to trick my favorite Great Dane.

In the aftermath, it didn’t matter much.  They were friends anyway.

You Saw It Here First (Possibly?) – Sunday Bonus Post

15 Apr

We died for this amazing song by Gotye last July.  This past week, Glee

and American Idol covered the song,

and Gotye was the musical guest on Saturday night live.

Not only that, but these crazy guys came up with the best cover ever.


Tell It To The Jury

13 Apr

All week I have been looking for a soapbox.  And then I remembered I sort of have one.  Heh.

Now, for those of you who follow Professional Chicks, you know this blog is absolutely not political, controversial, or anything close.  Not at all.  I know way better than that.  And, this post is not intended to be any of those things, either.  But, as a lawyer, and a human being, I feel compelled to comment on the Trayvon Martin case.  More than anything, I find it so confusing (not the events, but what happened in the aftermath) and it blows my mind that this has somehow become political rather than simply factual.

So, here I go.  Disclaimer – I’m not a criminal lawyer, but we can keep this simple.  When someone commits a potentially, seemingly, apparently, etc. criminal act (where law enforcement has probable cause to arrest), that person is arrested, taken into custody, permitted to post bail (depending on the severity of the crime, risk of the accused fleeing, etc.), appointed or allowed to hire a lawyer, given a speedy trial, and, finally, convicted or found innocent by a jury of his or her peers.  It’s not always quite that simple, but that’s the gist.

What does NOT happen when someone admits to killing another human being is that that person tells a self-serving story to a group of police officers who decides on the spot whether or not the crime was justified and allows the killer to go.

Now, I have no idea whether Mr. Zimmerman is guilty or innocent.  None of us do.  That is what a trial is for.  On his own admission he killed Trayvon.  But, in some instances, and as Zimmerman claims in this case, you may kill someone in self-defense or on the basis of a law in Florida, where this event happened, that apparently allows you to “stand your ground” when someone is attacking you.  Indeed, in other instances, you may murder someone in cold blood and plead insanity, in which case you may also be found not guilty or not fit for trial.  Many people are tried of crimes and ultimately found not guilty.  The idea is that you tell your story to the jury, and the prosecution tells its story, and then the jury decides.  In no instance is guilt or innocence a question for police officers to decide unilaterally, based on no evidence or competing testimony whatsoever.  Never.

Almost done (and here’s where it gets a little edgy):  If Zimmerman had killed me, he clearly would never have left police custody.  Forget that I’m a girl – if he had killed any teenager in the town of Rancho Santa Fe, California, where I grew up, hoodie or not, Skittles or not, he would go down in flames.

I’m glad this is now going to go through the proper legal channels.  That’s really the only point I’m trying to make.

Thanks for listening (and please share your comments, if you are so inclined).


8 Apr

Passover, Easter, and Spring from sunny Chicago!

Last year at this time we were celebrating a Neopolitan Easter.  Fun!  xoxo

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