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Our Nursery!

18 Oct

I’m taking a short break from my maternity leave to share a picture of our nursery.  Nursery inspired by our trip to Glacier National Park this summer!


Abe’s Magic Hot Dog

17 Aug

This is the latest obsession in our house (well, not our house exactly, since I’m generally not the biggest fan of hot dogs, but anytime Abe gets a chance to show this off, he does).

What you are looking at is a plate of (nitrate free, organic) hot dogs that have been spiral cut around a skewer, removed from the skewer, and then grilled on the BBQ.  According to Abe, the outside is caramelized while the insides are slowly cooked through.  This shape of hot dog also holds condiments well and fits along the entire bun.

On the same night we enjoyed Abe’s magic hot dogs plus Nikki’s amazing homemade corn dogs – both admittedly delicious.     

For Guitar Lovers

22 Jun

Thanks to John and Ann and, we discovered the best thing ever – a pick punch.  Make your own guitar picks out of old credit cards and other plastic cards.  

A few from Abe’s collection (made out of an expired Southwest card and our old Art Institute Membership card).


Happy (Very) Belated Birthday To Me

7 Jun

This year my birthday came and went and I hardly noticed.  But, we did make a stop at North Pond, our favorite birthday tradition (and, if pressed, our favorite restaurant in Chicago).  Hard to beat last year’s North Pond birthday post – if you haven’t read it and you’re into food porn, you should – though I did snap a picture of my special Happy Birthday petit fours.

Keep Austin Weird – The Weirdest

25 May

Last Austin post.  These post-series take a lot longer to complete now that I am not posting everyday!

So, on one of the last nights in Austin, we were invited to a charity event at the house of a friend of a friend.  This house, the event – completely random, totally extraordinary.  Among others, the Barley Swine chefs were there!  Having just eaten there the night before, this was extra incentive to get excited.

But here’s the mention-worthy stuff: the woman who owned the home (and hosted the event) was a welder (with, rumor has it, a diamond tooth – I didn’t see it – some say it is merely a diamond implanted into her tooth – hm . . .) and she welded her entire house out of strange metals and other uber-rustic materials.  The result was a house unlike any other I had ever seen before.  Tall metal doors and chalkboard walls and wood carvings and a to-die-for kitchen and other objects made the inside and outside nearly indistinguishable.  It was like visiting the most upscale, artful, designed junk yard of all time.

You can see for yourself:

Austin is totally weird.  And I loved it.

A Very Special Triangle

4 May

I have a few more Austin posts to share but will pause for a moment, as we did in real life, when Craig passed away suddenly last week and we headed to Pensacola, Florida to attend a memorial service.  The service was in Craig’s home on the water – it was warm and sunny and beautiful.

I didn’t know Craig very well.  After the service, where we heard from so many of his dear friends and close family members (including his sweet 93 year old mother) about how kind-hearted, giving, and loving he was, I wished I had.

Cousin Greg, who was Craig’s age (around 65 now, I’m guessing), grew up with him.  They went on vacations together and spent their kid years side by side.  One evening, Greg was attempting to build something.  It required him to cut planks of wood at a particular length.  When he couldn’t figure out the math, he called cousin Craig – the doctor, and generally the one in the family who knew everything, everyone relied on Craig – for help.  Craig wasn’t home.  His wife said he would be home at 9.  Greg relayed his problem to Craig’s wife, including the precise length of wood he was dealing with, and what shape he was attempting to cut out of it.  She wrote it all down.

Five minutes after 9, Craig called.  He said (and I’m making this number up, but you’ll get the idea), “15 feet 3/4 inches.”  “Wow, OK thanks,” said Greg.  “Do you want to know how I got that?,” Craig asked.  “Um, I guess,” Greg responded.  Well, you see, when you cut a straight line on a diagonal [and on and on and on], you get a very special triangle!  And do you know what that triangle is called?  It’s called an equilateral triangle.  And then, when you cut across in the other direction, what do you get?  Another very special triangle!  It’s called a 30 60 90 triangle . . . .”

The story went on.  There were several very special triangles.  To be honest, I missed exactly what Greg was building so in my mind instead I pictured Craig, this man I barely knew, who loved triangles, and who was regarded by his family as a very special something of his own.  

You Saw It Here First (Possibly?) – Sunday Bonus Post

15 Apr

We died for this amazing song by Gotye last July.  This past week, Glee

and American Idol covered the song,

and Gotye was the musical guest on Saturday night live.

Not only that, but these crazy guys came up with the best cover ever.


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