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Our Nursery!

18 Oct

I’m taking a short break from my maternity leave to share a picture of our nursery.  Nursery inspired by our trip to Glacier National Park this summer!


Abe’s Magic Hot Dog

17 Aug

This is the latest obsession in our house (well, not our house exactly, since I’m generally not the biggest fan of hot dogs, but anytime Abe gets a chance to show this off, he does).

What you are looking at is a plate of (nitrate free, organic) hot dogs that have been spiral cut around a skewer, removed from the skewer, and then grilled on the BBQ.  According to Abe, the outside is caramelized while the insides are slowly cooked through.  This shape of hot dog also holds condiments well and fits along the entire bun.

On the same night we enjoyed Abe’s magic hot dogs plus Nikki’s amazing homemade corn dogs – both admittedly delicious.     


9 Aug

In a week’s time, we drove all over Montana (according to Abe, we visited every city that has more than 30,000 people – so there’s that).

Glacier, in particular, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.

Love this Big Sky.

And just love.

A Summer Salad For Yuki

3 Aug

This post was going to be dedicated to this beautiful summer salad with spinach, crisp gala apples, white peaches, and avocado.

But, I just found out my poor family dog was attacked by coyotes so instead it will be a tribute to him.  He’s OK.  Just butt-hurt (sad!) with stitches all over.  Poor little guy!

Happy Birthday To . . .

10 Jun

my favorite husband ever!

And Happy Birthday to the best dad!

Afternoon Delight

8 Jun

These days, great restaurants (and great dining experiences) are a dime a dozen, on this blog and out there in the world.  This makes me happy, of course, since I love good food more than anything.

Every once in a while, though, a restaurant will do something that is better than great food – something small – something interesting – that stays with me.

After Ari’s medical school graduation, we went to Vintner Grill in Sommerville (Sommerlin?  Something like that.), Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.  On the whole, the meal was lovely.  Very good.  But two things in particular were a delight:

This butter dish, with olive oil dipping cups embedded in it.  With a fresh basket of rolls, thick cut rustic wheat bread, and brioche, I could have eaten this all night and been happy (did I mention I am over my fear of butter?).

And, this cheese plate, with house made goat, sheep, and cow’s milk cheeses, pear preserves, dried fruit, and honey.


(Cute sister and cute outdoor dining area, too!)

Dr. Arianne

1 Jun

My (little) sister is a doctor!  Amazing.

She rocked some awesome shoes, too.

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