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It’s A Boy!

31 Aug

Yep.  That’s right.  Professional Chicks is going on maternity leave!  My husband and I are expecting a baby boy this fall, and we’re diving in to everything we have to do between now and then.

This blog has been so much fun.  Thanks for being here daily for so long, and then weekly for the bonus posts ever since.

To stay connected, check out my newest project, Greenhorn Bold!  I know you’ll love it.

In the meantime, I’ll see you here or there, I’m sure (and I’ll post some pictures of the nursery and other fun stuff from time to time after the baby comes, for those who might be interested).

With love,



Dr. Arianne

1 Jun

My (little) sister is a doctor!  Amazing.

She rocked some awesome shoes, too.

JK Rowling On Failure

24 May

This is incredibly moving.  And inspiring.

RIP Junior

6 May

[Photo credit: Fox News]

A Very Special Triangle

4 May

I have a few more Austin posts to share but will pause for a moment, as we did in real life, when Craig passed away suddenly last week and we headed to Pensacola, Florida to attend a memorial service.  The service was in Craig’s home on the water – it was warm and sunny and beautiful.

I didn’t know Craig very well.  After the service, where we heard from so many of his dear friends and close family members (including his sweet 93 year old mother) about how kind-hearted, giving, and loving he was, I wished I had.

Cousin Greg, who was Craig’s age (around 65 now, I’m guessing), grew up with him.  They went on vacations together and spent their kid years side by side.  One evening, Greg was attempting to build something.  It required him to cut planks of wood at a particular length.  When he couldn’t figure out the math, he called cousin Craig – the doctor, and generally the one in the family who knew everything, everyone relied on Craig – for help.  Craig wasn’t home.  His wife said he would be home at 9.  Greg relayed his problem to Craig’s wife, including the precise length of wood he was dealing with, and what shape he was attempting to cut out of it.  She wrote it all down.

Five minutes after 9, Craig called.  He said (and I’m making this number up, but you’ll get the idea), “15 feet 3/4 inches.”  “Wow, OK thanks,” said Greg.  “Do you want to know how I got that?,” Craig asked.  “Um, I guess,” Greg responded.  Well, you see, when you cut a straight line on a diagonal [and on and on and on], you get a very special triangle!  And do you know what that triangle is called?  It’s called an equilateral triangle.  And then, when you cut across in the other direction, what do you get?  Another very special triangle!  It’s called a 30 60 90 triangle . . . .”

The story went on.  There were several very special triangles.  To be honest, I missed exactly what Greg was building so in my mind instead I pictured Craig, this man I barely knew, who loved triangles, and who was regarded by his family as a very special something of his own.  

In Case You Were Wondering . . . .

29 Apr

This is what happened to our Aerogarden!

Now What?

20 Apr

Lessons in how to trick my favorite Great Dane.

In the aftermath, it didn’t matter much.  They were friends anyway.

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